Wall Art

Our F1 wall arts products are super-high quality available in Alu-Dibond or Acrylic Glass version,
Both of them are available in 7 different sizes from 30 cm till 150 cm width

Detail of Acrylic example with Max Verstappen
Detail of Acrylic example with Max Verstappen

Acrylic Glass
Acrylic is a solid and transparent support that enhances each colour within your selected photo. Plexiglass provides an intense depth effect. The final print on Plexiglas is a glossy finish. For a high-quality print, we print directly onto the back of a 3mm plexi substrate. To bring out the colours of the photo, we print 3 layers of white on the back of the plexi. With our UV printing this ultra-design support can be placed indoors or outdoors.

It is a light and rigid material consisting of two aluminium plates. The photo print on the Alu-Dibond support is matte, meaning that there are no light reflections. The print of your desired photograph is directly printed on a 3mm Alu-Dibond support with black edges. Thanks to the UV printing, the Alu-Dibond can be placed outdoors. This rigid material is the ideal compromise to highlight a photograph and to have a quality photo print.

Detail of Alu-dibond example with picture of Charles Leclerc
Detail of Alu-dibond example with picture of Charles Leclerc

Lewis Hamilton

Frame suspension system
depending on the size (weight) the adequate suspension systems is included in the delivery

Digital Download
High resolution digital downloadable copy of these pictures (typically 16Mpx at 300 dpi) suited for high end printable purposes can be purchased by pushing the cart button at the selected picture.
These digital downloadable versions without watermark!, are immediatly delivered through electronically download.
Payment through “Pay PalTM” gives you immediate access to an active download link.

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